Whiteboard Dynamics LLC

We are Joe and Gavin and we work together as Whiteboard Dynamics. We produce secure, scalable, and reliable frontend and backend systems. Our capabilities include classic technologies like Java, SQL, and jQuery, more modern approaches such as Haskell, Node.js, and MongoDB, and cutting edge techniques including Serverless, Purescript, and React.

Our Clients

TurnKey Agent, Service Provider, and Buyer/Seller

TurnKey is a real estate company that makes it easy to buy and sell homes. They provide a platform for agents and service providers like contractors and movers to connect with buyers, sellers, and renters. Through native Android and web applications TurnKey simplifies the real estate process in an intuitive fashion. Whiteboard Dynamics is proud to play a key role in the development of TurnKey's MVP and initial beta.

Our technical contributions include Native Android, Purescript, Yesod, PostgreSQL, and AWS integration.


We developed version 2 of OJO - TTRN from scratch based on a provided design specification. Our app provides a superior streaming radio experience with more features in development.

We create world class Android apps leveraging rock solid engineering and best practices.

We produce performant and robust backends with Yesod suited for any need or workload.

Let us jumpstart your idea with a beautiful and functional MVP.

We use Slack and Github to ensure you stay in the loop.

Core Skills

Native Android
SQL(PostgreSQL and SQLite)
GNU/Linux System Administration

The Team

Joe Cieslik

Joe Cieslik is a software developer with experience spanning information security, backend development, system administration, and mobile development. He has previously worked with startups in the education and social media space. In his free time Joe develops pc games and works with his hands.

Gavin Whelan

Gavin Whelan is a computer scientist with extensive functional programming, compiler, systems, and programming language experience. He has done work for startups in the operating systems and social media space. Gavin's hobbies include reverse engineering protocols, hacking electronics, and creating complex RF systems.


Free Consultation and Code Analysis*

Daily/weekly/monthly rates or fixed price project quotes available on request.


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